July 30, 2015 – Elder Hobbs’ Letter

  • Companion: Elder Watson
  • MTC
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My unit is 145 and I leave the MTC August 3. Doing that I get same day delivery, but if you want me to get it before I leave the MTC write to me by Saturday at 2ish, that is when the mail room closes for the weekend.

Well the MTC has been a Blast! My companion is Elder Watson so… Watson and Hobbs. We leave the MTC Monday morning at 2:30 so that will be fun and make for a long day. I have had so many amazing experiences here in the MTC already. We have taught 4 investigators and I’ve learned to run/ walk up walls (I’ll send a picture if I get it to work, the MTC computers haven’t been liking any storage devices like an SD card). The spirit has been so strong here and it is amazing, I’ve learned more here in one day then i think it is ever possible to learn in a month of Church, Seminary, and Institute Combine! its really amazing! I got the chance to watch a few MTC devotional videos and attend a few. There is one Called the Character of Christ which you can only see here in the MTC and its a talk from Elder Bednar and it was amazing. A few key points I want to share with you is, first we need to focus outward and not inward. We need to not be self focused and try to be as our Savoir Jesus Christ. He said that if we have questions get a Book of Mormon, just a blue copy of it that is not with any other scriptures, and write the question in the front of it. Then as you read it high light and mark ONLY things pertaining to that question. Then after you are done write a short summery of what you learned in the back. So I took his challenge and my question is, “How can I focus outward and not inward?” I challenge all of you to do that. Elder Bednar said that if we keep doing that through our lives we could have a hundred copies of the Book of Mormon on a shelf with questions on it by the time we are his age.

I have truly learned of Gods love for his children when I am talking to an investigator, I truly feel love for them and want them to come to Christ even when I’ve only known them for a short time. Now when I say investigators I mean roll plays, they get members and non members alike, and they don’t tell us who is who, to roll play which is like acting but we never know if it is a real member or not because they all have true stories about their past or a good friend. So it is really like teaching somebody and it’s amazing the spirit that can be felt in these experiences. We do shorter roll plays ALL THE TIME with our companions and District members, and the have us think of somebody we know personally that we can pull from and use their story so we know how they will react to certain things. It’s amazing how the spirit guides you to say somethings when your playing the investigator that you didn’t think of and oh how the spirit grows during that.

We Pray ALL THE TIME which is amazing!!!! We pray over 50 times a day, no lie.
I know that Christ Lives and i know that God loves us very much! I know that through Christs atonement we can live with God and our Family [is] Forever. Joseph Smith REALLY did see two glorified beings standing above him in the air. I testify to all of you that if you do not have a testimony of the Book of Mormon that if you get on your knees and pray to our loving Heavenly Father with real intent, which means you are willing to act upon the answer you get, that you WILL receive an answer and you will know without a doubt in you heart that this is the true church of God and that Christ really Lives and that Joseph Smith did see God and the Son. All it takes is a leap of Faith, and faith is not to know it is true, Faith is to hope for things that are true and not seen. I promise to all who pray to God with real intent having Faith in Christ that he will manifest the truth of all things unto you. I leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
MTC Companions

MTC Companions Elder Watson & Hobbs

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My MTC Roommates {Left to Right, Elders Schenk, Bigler, Hobbs & Watson}

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My District

Running Up Walls

Running Up Walls

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My Clock & the MTC Clock {The MTC clock (Right) runs on 50 second minutes.}

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Provo Utah Temple {Budding Photographer}