August 10, 2015 – 1 Week down, and way too few to go!

  • Companion: Elder Combrink
  • Area: Jennings, Louisiana 

This week has been a blast! So for those of you that don’t know I hate sea food. Well I have had shrimp 2 times, and been to 4 different seafood places, oh and I had liver… that was pretty good. There is a lot of Cajun food around here which is spicy food. Jambalaya is an amazing spicy rice Cajun food its Amazing… look it up.

I also went to the Baton Rouge temple which is SO SMALL!!! I helped a recent convert with family history, which that in itself was so much fun!!! We found her dad’s, and grandparents, and uncles names and we took them to the temple for baptisms for the dead. It was SO amazing to hear her say that’s my…..(dad grandma, grandpa,uncle,etc.) as they were being done. During that her husband who is a non-member met the temple president in the waiting room and loved the guy. When we were done they took us to a restaurant called Copeland… HOLLY COW!! amazing food, but can you say Expensive. He told me to get a steak and the cheapest steak was $31 for an 8oz but oh boy was it good!
We started teaching a less-active member, who is deaf, and sign language pays off!!! I only know a little but I’m learning more. I can definitely say the gift of tongues exists! My companion Elder Combrink doesn’t know any so we started to teach him, and the rate at which he is picking up is AMAZING. Me personally, I have become a lot more fluent in it and I am learning more signs than just the ABCs and the hand full I already knew. It defiantly beats pen and paper which we have to use still. But experiencing that is so amazing!
So according to the locals this past week and the week to come has been and will be the hottest week they have had in years.. its reaching a 100 with 70% humidity most days, so the heat index is much higher! But surprisingly it hasn’t bothered me too much!
We don’t currently have any real investigators so we have been doing a whole bunch of contacting riding our bikes around, and its amazing how different people are. Some are very nice when they tell us no, others tell us to get out of [their] sight. So its quite funny, I’m really enjoying myself!
Remember who you are at all times and stand for truth and honor! I know this work is where I’m meant to be and I KNOW this Gospel is true! I hope you have or will receive a wittiness of it for yourself! Because that’s what I’m here doing, not telling other people of the truth, but inviting them to find out for themselves through prayer and from God! I love you all and hope to hear from you!
Hang drying the laundry. (No dryer)

Hang drying the laundry. (No dryer)


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