August 24, 2015 – One month over too soon!

  • Companion: Elder Combrink
  • Area: Jennings Branch, Louisiana

When a month goes by and it feels like you just left home and you realize there is only 23 of these left you start to want more!! It has been a great week! We didn’t make it to the temple which is a bummer, but that’s ok because we had a good day regardless. We got to have Elder Corbridge of the first quorum of the 70 talk to us which was really cool! He had so many inspiring things to say to us! This week it rained a lot! We got wet, a lot! But yesterday was a really good day. It was Extremely hot because of the humidity from the rain but it was still good. We “play” this “game” it’s not really a game, its just a challenge to pass the time and keep us motivated, but we go through the ABC’s of gospel words as we contact people. We start on A so like Atonement and we go through Z but we just give each others words to use that pertain to the gospel and that person has to contact (or talk to) people until they use that word, when they talk to them. Well we haven’t been able to talk to many people recently, so we said a prayer asking God to put enough people in our path to finish the alphabet, and he did, sort of. We started on C from the previous day and only made it to I, but we were able to contact (or talk to) 27 people yesterday that was enough people to get through the alphabet, we just didn’t quite make it through.

We have been really focusing on Fearing no Man and we started telling ourselves every day that we Fear No Man and will do our best to accomplish our goals. We may not be able to accomplish our goals every day, but we definitely end the day feeling better about ourselves and that we have tried our best. The “Fear no Man” comes into play when we are talking to people. Me personally, [I] hate talking to strangers, I feel like I’m an idiot and they will think I’m weird. But that’s ok! because I am! Who else would dress up in church clothes and ride their bikes around in the rain or the extreme heat? What’s the worse that can happen? They say no? That happens A lot!! But hey most times you will never see them again, so what does it matter that you make a fool of yourself when you are trying to talk and the right words come out?
1 big thing I learned this weekend is that it is not the missionaries jobs to find people to teach. I already knew that but now I really understand that better! I challenge all of you just to talk to a friend and invite them to come, to come closer to Christ, not to church, but to Christ, he is the foundation of our church. Invite them to hear the missionaries out for at least one lesson and to read part of the Book of Mormon. [When] They pray about it with real intent (with the desire to know it is true and with willingness to act upon any answer you will receive) I know all who really do that will come to know this is true and will come closer to Christ. (Which I invite all of you to do as well weather you invite the missionaries to dinner or just to teach a lesson.) What do you or anyone else have to loose? 5-15 mins of your time? That’s nothing! There is no harm in prying either. What is there to lose? Not getting an answer? If that’s the case, no harm no foul. But if they come to know the truth then the consequence is Joy! Now that sounds good. If i was presented with a way to have more joy than I currently have and all I had to do is read a book (or at least part of the book) and pray, I would do it. Who Wouldn’t!? I know that this Church is true and that all can receive joy and come closer to God by abiding by the precepts found in the Book of Mormon. I invite every one to read it and pray about it and to gain a testimony or a stronger testimony of its truth. Go forth and fear no man! and most of all don’t judge a book by its cover. You never know who would accept the gospel or who is going though a hard time and could simply use a friend! Go forth and be a light to all nations!
Elder Brian Hobbs
Hanging the Louisiana flag. {A member bought them each a flag.}

Hanging the Louisiana flag. {A member bought them each a flag.}

Still has a sense of humor!

Sense of humor! {Mom stole this picture of his companion’s blog 🙂 Sneaky!}

Sunlight breaking through the clouds after a rainstorm. The picture does not do it justice.

Sunlight breaking through the clouds after a rainstorm. The picture does not do it justice.

It's Raining! The canals are approx 5' wide and 3' deep, running FULL of water. With water pooling in the streets.

It’s Raining! The canals are approx 5′ wide and 3′ deep, running FULL of water. With water pooling in the streets.


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