August 31, 2015 – Importance of a Testimony (Letter Home)

  • Companion: Elder Combrink
  • Area: Jennings Branch, Louisiana

So story time….. It’s been happening ever since the first week I got here, but we had an interesting, stressful run in with our crazy neighbor. The first time we met her was when she was happy, as time has gone on, we have realized she has multiple personality disorder. ….Ugh we were out one night about 10:30pm talking to her because she told us she was thinking about suicided and then how her husband was beating her and kicking her out and all sorts of stuff. Then she began to yell at us and tell us we are liars for 5 minutes repetitively. Well we are 99.9% sure her husband is not beating her; we met him about 3 times, before this. It has been quite the month with her. We are pretty sure she is holding a stethoscope up to the wall, to listen in on what is going on in our apartment. She yells and cusses us through the wall when we are too loud and this can be either at 9:30 pm or 8 am. Sometimes we get the wall pounded on when I flush the toilet in the morning. Once we got a phone call from her in an Australian accent (we are 99.9% it was her, but she refused to tell us who it was), telling us to stay away from her home and don’t talk to her husband. Elder Combrink picked it up and it turned out she couldn’t talk to him, but she could talk to me. To make the long 15 min phone call short, she kept asking questions about why we are called Elders, about us having a prophet and about why we were so young. And I would give her an explanation (remind you this is all on speaker phone so me and my companion can both hear) but then she would say how it’s barbaric that we call ourselves Elders at such a young age and its barbaric how our Deacons are 12 and Priests 16 and on and on and on and on. She used other words too, but mostly barbaric came up a lot. But she did try my testimony, saying how could I believe this, over and over, and that we were brain washed by our parents and leaders.  She pretty much called us horrible people for thinking we have a prophet and that we are Elders and so on. But I just kept bearing my testimony over and over again. It didn’t happen in phases like all the talking and explaining, then the ridicule, then the testifying. It happened after and during each subject that was brought up.  We got this call 3 minutes after we left to go to Vidor to spend the night at the zone leaders place (we had a mission conference the next day), we were backseat of their car. There was more said but that call happened about a week and a half ago.

Long story short I’m thankful for my testimony of this gospel and what I’m doing, because I know that conversation would have really ripped some people apart. It hurt me some, but thanks to my testimony I was able to become stronger by it and not dwindle in my faith. So I learned how important a testimony is!!

Elder Brian Hobbs


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