August 31, 2015 – Short, but LONG week!

  • Companion: Elder Combrink
  • Area: Jennings Branch, Louisiana

So it’s been a long week but a very short one! Somebody explain that!? I had new missionary training and got my driving privileges and a lot of fun experiences.

For example… We get an allotted set of miles for a month. We get 1850 a month and as of Saturday night we had 48 miles left for the month and we needed to get to Stake Conference (an aired video in Jennings). Then the next day (today, Monday) we need to go to Lake Charles (35 mile drive), because Elder Combrink is headed to Houston with the zone leaders for training. We thought about ending up a few miles over and that would be ok because we didn’t need our Jeep for a day (we lose a day for every 10 miles over we go, i.e. 1-10 = 1 day lost 11-20 2 days lost etc.). The zone leaders told us we might just have to go over on our mileage, if we couldn’t find a ride to Stake Conference. Well we couldn’t, but we decided to be obedient and we biked to Jennings from Welsh on Sunday morning. We biked 12 miles to Jennings, all day around Jennings and then biked home. It was a lot of biking in one day, we went 33 miles total, but it felt so good that we would be able to be obedient! I have already felt some of the blessings from that. It helped strengthen my testimony of obedience. No matter how hard it may be, we didn’t have to bike to church.  We biked along the frontage road, the whole way there and it was cool to see how many people honked at us. We counted 10, which may not seem like a lot, but for Louisiana that’s a lot. Sorry but this week has been a huge BLUR!!! I felt like I was just emailing yesterday… good thing for journals.

So the next few days will be crazy like I said, Elder Combrink, my companion is going to Houston today and I get to have a crazy exchange.  Elder Noel and Elder Combrink are both district leaders and they need to go to Houston tonight at 5pm with the zone leaders for a meeting tomorrow. So they are leaving me and Elder Blackburn (Elder Noal’s companion who came out with me) together tonight to cover their area until Mid-day tomorrow. Then we drive back to my area with Elder Blackburn to cover my area tomorrow afternoon, then sleep at our apartment. On Wednesday morning we have to find our way to Beaumont, by ourselves for Zone Conference and be there by 8am, where we’ll meet up with our actually companions there. So… exchanges with a new Elder who has just as much experience as me for over 24 hours… Yay! Haha it will be a great week! But my mission is going by toooooo fast!

The story of the 2000 Stripling Warriors has inspired me lately. I had it compared for me using missionaries. The missionaries aren’t on the front lines like the Stripling Warriors, we are behind enemy lines. The Stripling Warriors were awake and not idol, there is no way they could be “asleep” and idol and not have a sole die in some of the deadliest battles, in the book of Alma. All of you back home are on the front lines, remember that! The Laminates were asleep, idol, and let the Nephites gave of their wine (because they were weary, they wanted wine, smarties) and they became drunk and the Nephites over took them without a single life lost. So remember to stay awake and not be idol or you could fall and be taken prisoner. Stake strong in the gospel just like their mothers taught them and we will ALL make it through!

Elder Brian Hobbs


Elder Combrink & Hobbs Riding to Church (12 Miles)


Riding Along (Singing a Song)

Driving Privledges YEA!

Driving Privledges YEA!

For David- I finally did it!

For David- I finally did it!

Still Weird!

Still Weird!

Typical Scenery

Typical Scenery


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