September 8, 2015 – CTR Smile

  • Companion: Elder Combrink
  • Area: Jennings Branch, Louisiana

It has been along week, but not really. I look at what has happened and
feel like it happened forever ago, but I feel like I was just emailing
everyone yesterday! Sorry I don’t have a lot of time today it was
Labor Day yesterday day so places were closed and today we have to get
proselyting! But I went on exchanges twice this week, (That’s where we
switch companions for a day.) and on Saturday I went to Crowley, Louisiana
the only other area in our district. There are some pretty sketchy
places there, like one parking lot in the middle of the city that has
more murders than the whole city combined! Let’s just say we don’t go
there…. Or the place in the area that 3 Elders have been killed and
1 almost beaten to death and other stuff that happened to
missionaries I wish I could forget. It really made me realize that
even though we are in the service of God we are not invincible. But
this week as been pretty good. While I was on exchanges with the Elder
that came out with me, we had 3 lessons with members present, which
were the first 3 I have had on my mission. We got a baptism date and
several more people who are actually keeping commitments and want us
to come back. Sadly when we went back to the person with the baptism
date, they stood us up. She cracked the door and said let me go get
changed and then 30 minutes later with a few knocks nothing. Then we did
some data entry to our area books on our iPad (a paper record of
people in the area to a digital record) for an hour outside her/a
member’s apartment that live in the same building. Then we knocked
again and still nothing. Three hours later when we went to the neighbor’s house
for dinner we knocked and someone peeked through the blinds and that
was it. Oh well at least we are trying.

So Sunday we got rained on!!! When I went to DC over the summer it
rained hard and we got soaked…. Well it was probably 10x worse than
that and we were drenched in our church clothes in a matter of 30
seconds AND we were out riding our bikes! There ended up to be so much
water on the road that on the down peddle [stroke] of our bikes, my foot was in
the water! So much fun!!

So we were challenged to carry Book of Mormons everywhere [with us] while we
were in Lake Charles. While shopping a worker came up to us with a sign she
made for us. Later we found out from other missionaries, that she
ran it to as well, she was a less active member. When she saw us with
a Book of Mormon it made her want to go on a mission and now she is
going to go! She is 25 and hasn’t been to church for a while and now
she is going! Oh do I love the power of the Holy Ghost and the power
of commitments! All because we were carrying Book of Mormons while we
were shopping in a city 30 miles way from our apartment and not in our



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