September 21, 2015 – “Our Father speaks very high of you…”

  • Companion: Elder Combrink
  • Area: Jennings Branch, Louisiana 
The following is an excerpt from Elder Hobbs’ companion, Elder Combrink’s letter home: 
Story Time:
We were biking through Jennings and saw a lady pulling weeds in her front yard. So we stopped and offered service but she wouldn’t let us. So we started talking about the Church when she stopped us and said, “I’m Catholic,” like 90% of people around here do. But then unlike anyone else I’ve met on my mission she said, “Our Father speaks very highly of you guys. He says more Christians should be like you. Not a lot of us are willing to do what you do.” My jaw dropped. Elder Hobbs’ did too. After regaining control of my lower face I asked, “Where do you go to church so we can thank your Father?” She told us, as well as the name of her Father. I’m so excited to get to meet him and thank him for being a good man. I love the people down here! The lady also invited us back to share a message.
Being a missionary is the best.

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