September 28, 2015 – “I’m so grateful for Elder Hobbs”

  • Companion: Elder Combrink
  • Area: Jennings Branch, Louisiana

The following is an excerpt from Elder Hobbs’ companion, Elder Combrink’s letter home: 

“…I’m so grateful for Elder Hobbs and his work ethic and excitement to be a missionary! Many times when we see someone outside he says, “Let’s go talk to that guy!” but then when we ride up, Elder Hobbs looks at me to start the conversation. He makes me laugh sometimes. Recently he’s been very bold at the end of contacts when people reject us: challenging them to stop smoking; asking them why they’re scared to pray; inviting them to church to see for themselves; etc. He’s so great! …”

~We are so grateful for Elder Combrink and the amazing companion he has been to Elder Hobbs.  He has be a great trainer and an amazing companion, to begin a mission with. ~


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