October 12, 2015 – Miracles do exist!

  • Companion: Elder Combrink
  • Area: Jennings Branch, Louisiana

Well this week was amazing after conference! We talked to over 140 people! The mission’s goal is at least 70 a week and we decided to over double it!

Well I have 1 hour less than normal to email this week because we are going mountain biking…..Say what!? ……Mountains???… Where??? Well that’s a good question. We are going with a less active member. So I will soon find out!

Life is going by way, way too quick! We had a crazy week this week and had to reschedule or plans several times over! I got to climb up our walls to put a smoke detector up… that was fun!! And it was my companions 20th birthday! Which was fun because we got 20 trick candles, as well as 20 his mom sent him and we put all 40 in a small cake…. it took 2 mins for him to blow them all out because they kept relighting! The joy that brings to somebody when it is not you! Ha Ha! We also had interview training this week, which was interviews with the mission president and training when you were not in with him. They told us we were going to write a letter from our Father in Heaven to us. So they had us to go into the chapel and say a prayer to clear our thoughts and to be open to the spirit. Then to write the first things that came to your heart and mind. And that was a really spiritual experience! I can tell you that it really works and it really comes from your Heavenly Father. I couldn’t remember most of what I wrote, until I read it back later. It was like giving a blessing, just speaking the words that come to mind even if you don’t know where they are going and it happens to be something the person really needed to hear. This happened yesterday. I can witness to you that Gods power (the Priesthood) is really on the earth today! We gave a sister a blessing before a knee replacement a month ago and she is already up and walking with no pain at all (and she is a bigger lady). The doctors have never seen someone heal so fast before.

Miracles do exist! I know Christ lives and loves Me and each of you! I love you all!

Elder Brian Hobbs


Climbing Walls – Putting a smoke detector, back on the ceiling.


Missionary’s version of house decorating (It only took 2 gospel art kits.)


Missionary’s version of house decorating (It only took 2 gospel art kits.)

10- 12-2015-meme-D&C-doubt-fear-not

Elder Hobbs’ scripture to ponder for the week.


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