Trick-or-Treating Mission Style – November 2, 2015

  • Companion: Elder Sirrine
  • Area: Jennings Branch, Louisiana

It has been quite the week! We had zone meeting, transfers, a trunk-or-treat, and rain, a whole crap load of rain! It rained so much that the roads started to flood! We already had to be in our apartment at 7 pm on Saturday night because of Halloween. But when the roads start to flood, they want us in even sooner. So we ended up in our apartment at 4:30 for the rest of the night! That made for an extremely long night! But on the bright side 2 hours extra of sleep with the lovely daylights savings time change! Except for when the phone decides it doesn’t want to change time until 9 am so our alarm went off at 5:30!! But hey we got to go back to sleep!

We got to go to the branches trunk-or-treat and help out with it; it may have turned into a door-or-treat or whatever you want to call it when you do it inside. I decided to be funny and grab a hymn book holder from off a back of a chair and walk around and they just laughed at me and gave me candy, when the other missionaries saw that they did the same. So I got to go trick-or-treating this year on my mission!

This week I have definitely learned to recognize the spirit and have had some cool experiences from it. I was asked to give the Lesson in Elders Quorum and then at church they asked us to teach Sunday School. When we walked in and I asked them what they wanted to learn, they wanted to learn how to recognize the spirit. This was also my lesson in Elders Quorum and so I got to teach two amazing lessons, which turned out completely different! It’s so cool how the spirit works! I know the more we listen to the spirit and act upon the promptings we receive we will be able to recognize the promptings more and we will receive more guidance from the spirit. If we put our faith in Christ he will help us through anything we do. I love my Savior and all he has done for me. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


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