Christmas Report – December 28, 2015

  • Companion: Elder Johnson
  • Area: Jennings

Talking to family was nice talking to everyone. I kind of wish I could of saved the opportunity for a time that I needed it more.  I feels like I have only been away for a week or two, but then also feels forever long!! Weird how that works! I know it was more for you than me, but hey, I enjoyed it too! On Christmas we had a district meeting, then we Skyped, then we ate food at a member’s house, where I got to ride a “swag way” or “hover board” which are apparently extremely popular. The day after we saw several large groups of teenagers riding them.  Funny thing is, that is was in the extremely poor part of town! But in the 30 mins combine I spent riding it, I got really good! So much fun, just dangerous in so many ways, like they can catch on fire if you charge them too long!

Anyways after we went to the Memmott’s house (their from Centerville) and played games with him and his wife.  We played Munchkin  which was really fun! But they also have Dominion (with all the expansion packs), 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan and all the goodies! …. We are going to spend all of P-Day at his house playing games with him because he has today off!! So much fun! He also made his own card game with cards he got printed and everything and it’s really fun! After we played games we went home. We were supposed to proselyte but by the time our dinner appointment was over there was no point so we went back to the Memmott’s (because they invited us over, after we had chart as eve dinner) and we played games with them. On Christmas Eve we set up a tramp and we also helped Bro Caple [(cape-uL, not cap-uL) the spelling is for Mom because she couldn’t pronounce his name right] get his truck unstuck from the mud (his back lawn). I think I told you that story when we FaceTimed. Anyways I love you, it been a good week. I hope your week has been good! Keep emailing me 😉 Ha Ha

Elder Brian Hobbs
PS dad is a dork I love him! Him and Star Wars, I have a star wars LSU shirt from a member! It’s great! Haha I also got 2 new ties, the members around here are great!!! Thank you for the gifts I love them all! I like the sweater vest, maybe I will get a chance to wear it
this next week!

I will be on my mission for a week longer!! Yay! There had been rumors going around and I was going to tell you on Christmas but I forgot! Sorry.

From President Drake
“FYI Many of you are aware that transfer dates have been revised by Salt Lake for 2016. This is the information I received: Due to the recent change from 2 week to 3 week training, we have had to adjust the intake schedule for MTC’s around the world. The change in training will become effective beginning in March of 2016. To help this transition, your mission may experience a shorter or longer transfer period once in 2016.
Below is a list of departing dates for your mission.

Jan 19
Mar 01
Apr 19
May 31
Jul 12
Aug 23
Oct 04
Nov 15
Dec 27
I hope this helps clarify some of the questions you might have. The transfer in March will  be seven weeks but all others will be six

“Departing” dates or “transfer dates”



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