Mosiah 2:17 – January 25, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Souza
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

So last week (or two weeks ago I guess) we did a lot, in Jennings we went to the very bottom of our area which required an hour drive and several mins of it out of the mission, and we went biking around there and mostly it was just a bunch of camps for the summer, but some people do live down there and most the people we talked to never have talked to missionaries before, and a couple of them have only heard the name Mormons and aren’t quite sure what religion it even was.

We also helped a member clean out her furnace, the fan was similar to a swamp cooler style fan but it was so covered in black crud you count see through the fan. Once we cleaned it all up, the air flow was 10x better! The only down side is we cleaned it with bleach, and I’ve handled a lot of bleach with my bare hands before with no problem, but this time, with how long my hands were in the bucket of water my knuckles became all dry and started to crack.

On the Saturday before I left we were doing service all day long, which was great because we didn’t have to be in proselyting clothes! We helped clean the church until about noon and they fed us breakfast in the morning. And then we helped Sister Rink’s family move all of their stuff from storage to there “house” (an old gas station, which is really cool) and helped clean up a lot of stuff and move a lot of big things around. Why is it people always use missionaries for the heavy things?? Just like David, I am on a strict gelatin diet! (Flick the arm). No actually I have been stronger than all of my companions. The objects they find heavy I have never seem to have a problem with! Probably because of all those rocks you have made me move around the house and building and moving! And growing up with Jjon and moving all the equipment around, at a young age.

Saying good bye to people wasn’t very fun, but wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It helps if you look at the grand scheme of things and not worry about it.

This last week in Kingwood we have knocked a lot of doors and have fixed a bike tire one too many times, I’m glad it’s just not mine. The tire has ripped and the tube popped but between money. And miles to get to the place we need, it wasn’t possible to get a new one so with electrical tape and super glue I patched the tube and tire and so far it has held up for the better part of a week and still going good. It’s been a slow week and nothing too excited has happened. Except one thing…

We met a man one night and gave him a card and told him if he needs anything to give us a call. And the next day he did, he wanted us to come pray with his mom who was dying and so we did. She wasn’t coherent while we were there, but while we were there we said a prayer for her with him and after I thought about the experience with grandpa Craig and I felt a blessing is what needed to happen, so we briefly taught him about the priesthood restored and ask if he wanted us to give her a blessing and he said yes. Well I got to give it, and I didn’t feel it right to let her go like they did with grandpa. I don’t remember most of the blessing but I do remember the thought that she doesn’t have long at all and it was just really a blessing of peace and comfort and for angles to guide her home when the time comes. But the next day we found out that about 20 mins after we left, she passed away. That was defiantly a different and special experience…. I don’t know what it is about Grandpa, but I feel so close to him even though I was fairly young, well 8th grade, when he died. Every time I go through a rough spot or a really spiritual experience, like my first time in the temple. I just think of him and like he is watching over me and is taking care of me. Sometimes it feels like he is here with me. I love that man so much!

But anyways it’s been a fairly ok week, the transfer wasn’t all that bad I think I had prepared myself for it and I know that this is where I am supposed to be because it feels like home, again even though I miss Jennings. But the other Elder Hobbs’s aunt lives here! Ha, ha, I met her on Sunday. But there are some really good people in this ward. Over half the mission office is in our ward, pretty much, just not the Drakes [President Drake, THE Mission President], but I’ve seen him around on many different occasions.

We had a live missionary training broadcast aired from SLC on Wednesday. The first one in a little over a decade! From the apostles and this Saturday we have a tri-mission mission conference over in Houston and guess who is coming to talk to us!!!!!!! You got to guess!! President Russell M. Neilson! He is coming to talk to the 3 Houston missions with Elder Corbridge again! Oh I can’t wait!

Anyways it’s been a pretty good week but this week will be even better!! Ya a lot has changed in 6 months! And it feels like maybe 2 weeks have passed!!! I don’t like it!!!! Because also it feels like I have been doing this for as long as I can remember! High school is just a dream it doesn’t even feel like it happened! Anyways! I love you keep being amazing!

Elder Brian Hobbs



Cross Mission Transfer – January 19,2016

  • Companion: Elder Souza
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

Elder Hobbs was transferred this week… ” So I’m in Kingwood TX! Clear other end of the mission right by the mission office! My companion is Elder Souza…We are right by the mission office and everything, I moved Cross Mission!”  Included with his email were a lot of pictures of families and friends he said goodbye to in the Jennings Branch.  One of the families was Charlie and Dawn, who… “I help them do a lot of wiring, building and you name it, it also where I got the dog bite and helped the lady (Sister Rink) with family history!” [I’m hopeful that forcing Elder Hobbs to help us build a home, has paid off!]

Elder Hobbs mentions that if anyone would like to email him, please try to do so, “by Sunday morning if they can so I can see them at church and not have a ton of emails in the morning [Monday morning]. I can read them ahead of time when I get Wi-Fi at the church, no more Wi-Fi in the apt. 😦 ”

He ended with… “I will also try to tell you about this past week in next week because it was a good week, Good things for journals!!!”

Elder Hobbs

Ok to Good to Great! – January 11, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Johnson
  • Area: Jennings

This week was pretty good. In just a week I have seen our area go from ok to good to great! The Branch has plans they started yesterday to really increase missionary work. I wish I could stay here all year to be part of that! We have a few really good investigators that want to learn more. One of them, Billy, wants to be baptized and always says when I am a member and I’m going to become a member. We just need to help him stop smoking and wait for his wedding which is set for March 12th. We are trying to see if he will move it up and he just might. He was going to be at church yesterday but the devil is really trying hard to keep him from it. Billy knew ahead of time the devil would try but we didn’t see this one coming…. he has back problems and Sunday morning he was not able to get out of bed at all. He lay in bed all day till about 2 and was able to get out but he defiantly looked in quite a bit of pain. Hopefully we are able to help him accomplish his goal and get baptized!

This week we helped a less active member do her family history, and we have helped her before, but this time something kept pushing us to her aunt and cousins who had passed away. We were able to find out a lot
of information on them she didn’t know or had forgotten. But we were not going to be able to do the work until we got permission form the only closest living relative. Who she happened to have bad blood with and neither of them had talked in years. We didn’t get her to talk to her, but she had her daughter send her a Facebook message and knowing the lady they had no idea when she was going to reply back. After that was done I said a quick silent prayer in my heart that she would respond soon and she would say yes. About 5 mins later the lady called and the phone was handed to us, where we were able to explain what temple work was about and she gave permission for her two brothers and her mother’s temple work to be done. Prayers really are answered sometime it takes time other times it is almost immediately. The less active member even asked us if we could take and do the work ourselves for her two cousins, so hopefully that works out and we are able to do
at least part of the work for them.

Another night we had a big dog in the middle of the road and it was barking at us, normally we would of biked right past but this time every part of both of us was telling us not to go past. Now that was a very eerie feeling I don’t think I will forget!

It’s been a good week!

Elder Brian Hobbs

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Good Stuff Going On – January 4, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Johnson
  • Area: Jennings

Well it was a good week, we had a lot of good stuff happen. We met several great people who we are now teaching. We had a cool experience this week, we were out biking around after dark trying by potentials. We found ourselves out of names that we were able to try by and on the outskirts of town and we didn’t know what to do so we prayed. We both decided we need to keep biking out of town even though neither one of us knew what was out there. Not to far down the road we found a side road and took it, and we ended up finding a man that was with his family and friends that was willing to listen to us and we set up a return appointment and we are excited to go see what happens.

On Sunday we ended up helping an inactive member, Ashley, move from one place in Jennings to another. This lady has a 14 year old son that isn’t a member and she is getting married to a non-member man, Billy. Well when we found out about it we offered to help them move and comes to find out they were in serious need of help because they couldn’t do it with back problems they both have. Well it turns out we sparked Billy’s interest and he started asking Ashley questions about our church. While we were riding with him on different occasions, between houses, he kept saying he was going to come to church and was very interested. By the time we left he kept saying, “when I become a member,” several different times. One thing that really impressed him is that, “There are no other churchs around here who help like you guys do,” and he is so ready to hear the gospel and so humble! We can’t wait to teach him more!! The only bummer is why couldn’t we have found him weeks ago? This week our area and our investigators are really starting to progress and we are looking at potentially several baptisms the first part of next transfer! I have had a feeling for the past few weeks that this will be my last transfer in Jennings and I love it here, It doesn’t matter if I ever get any baptisms as long as I know i am trying my best to invite others to come unto Christ!

In a nut shell this was my email to President Drake. I left parts out but this has been what my week has been like and I’m bummed I will probably be leaving! We had interview Training this past Saturday (President Interviews and training) and I told president after he mentioned that I have been in the county for along time, that I have felt like its coming to a close and he told me that I can probably expect a change in venue this next transfer. It sounds like Elder Johnson might end up training! Ha ha! He will be good and enjoy it! I got a feeling a week ago that I will be training again soon, so we will see what happens. I didn’t quite like the holidays very much, not bad, they just drug on and not a lot of people wanted to talk to us because they were drinking and had family over. A lot of people said try back after the holidays.
Have a great week!
Elder Hobbs