Good Stuff Going On – January 4, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Johnson
  • Area: Jennings

Well it was a good week, we had a lot of good stuff happen. We met several great people who we are now teaching. We had a cool experience this week, we were out biking around after dark trying by potentials. We found ourselves out of names that we were able to try by and on the outskirts of town and we didn’t know what to do so we prayed. We both decided we need to keep biking out of town even though neither one of us knew what was out there. Not to far down the road we found a side road and took it, and we ended up finding a man that was with his family and friends that was willing to listen to us and we set up a return appointment and we are excited to go see what happens.

On Sunday we ended up helping an inactive member, Ashley, move from one place in Jennings to another. This lady has a 14 year old son that isn’t a member and she is getting married to a non-member man, Billy. Well when we found out about it we offered to help them move and comes to find out they were in serious need of help because they couldn’t do it with back problems they both have. Well it turns out we sparked Billy’s interest and he started asking Ashley questions about our church. While we were riding with him on different occasions, between houses, he kept saying he was going to come to church and was very interested. By the time we left he kept saying, “when I become a member,” several different times. One thing that really impressed him is that, “There are no other churchs around here who help like you guys do,” and he is so ready to hear the gospel and so humble! We can’t wait to teach him more!! The only bummer is why couldn’t we have found him weeks ago? This week our area and our investigators are really starting to progress and we are looking at potentially several baptisms the first part of next transfer! I have had a feeling for the past few weeks that this will be my last transfer in Jennings and I love it here, It doesn’t matter if I ever get any baptisms as long as I know i am trying my best to invite others to come unto Christ!

In a nut shell this was my email to President Drake. I left parts out but this has been what my week has been like and I’m bummed I will probably be leaving! We had interview Training this past Saturday (President Interviews and training) and I told president after he mentioned that I have been in the county for along time, that I have felt like its coming to a close and he told me that I can probably expect a change in venue this next transfer. It sounds like Elder Johnson might end up training! Ha ha! He will be good and enjoy it! I got a feeling a week ago that I will be training again soon, so we will see what happens. I didn’t quite like the holidays very much, not bad, they just drug on and not a lot of people wanted to talk to us because they were drinking and had family over. A lot of people said try back after the holidays.
Have a great week!
Elder Hobbs

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