Ok to Good to Great! – January 11, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Johnson
  • Area: Jennings

This week was pretty good. In just a week I have seen our area go from ok to good to great! The Branch has plans they started yesterday to really increase missionary work. I wish I could stay here all year to be part of that! We have a few really good investigators that want to learn more. One of them, Billy, wants to be baptized and always says when I am a member and I’m going to become a member. We just need to help him stop smoking and wait for his wedding which is set for March 12th. We are trying to see if he will move it up and he just might. He was going to be at church yesterday but the devil is really trying hard to keep him from it. Billy knew ahead of time the devil would try but we didn’t see this one coming…. he has back problems and Sunday morning he was not able to get out of bed at all. He lay in bed all day till about 2 and was able to get out but he defiantly looked in quite a bit of pain. Hopefully we are able to help him accomplish his goal and get baptized!

This week we helped a less active member do her family history, and we have helped her before, but this time something kept pushing us to her aunt and cousins who had passed away. We were able to find out a lot
of information on them she didn’t know or had forgotten. But we were not going to be able to do the work until we got permission form the only closest living relative. Who she happened to have bad blood with and neither of them had talked in years. We didn’t get her to talk to her, but she had her daughter send her a Facebook message and knowing the lady they had no idea when she was going to reply back. After that was done I said a quick silent prayer in my heart that she would respond soon and she would say yes. About 5 mins later the lady called and the phone was handed to us, where we were able to explain what temple work was about and she gave permission for her two brothers and her mother’s temple work to be done. Prayers really are answered sometime it takes time other times it is almost immediately. The less active member even asked us if we could take and do the work ourselves for her two cousins, so hopefully that works out and we are able to do
at least part of the work for them.

Another night we had a big dog in the middle of the road and it was barking at us, normally we would of biked right past but this time every part of both of us was telling us not to go past. Now that was a very eerie feeling I don’t think I will forget!

It’s been a good week!

Elder Brian Hobbs

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