Cross Mission Transfer – January 19,2016

  • Companion: Elder Souza
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

Elder Hobbs was transferred this week… ” So I’m in Kingwood TX! Clear other end of the mission right by the mission office! My companion is Elder Souza…We are right by the mission office and everything, I moved Cross Mission!”  Included with his email were a lot of pictures of families and friends he said goodbye to in the Jennings Branch.  One of the families was Charlie and Dawn, who… “I help them do a lot of wiring, building and you name it, it also where I got the dog bite and helped the lady (Sister Rink) with family history!” [I’m hopeful that forcing Elder Hobbs to help us build a home, has paid off!]

Elder Hobbs mentions that if anyone would like to email him, please try to do so, “by Sunday morning if they can so I can see them at church and not have a ton of emails in the morning [Monday morning]. I can read them ahead of time when I get Wi-Fi at the church, no more Wi-Fi in the apt. 😦 ”

He ended with… “I will also try to tell you about this past week in next week because it was a good week, Good things for journals!!!”

Elder Hobbs


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