A Big Mess of Exchanges – February 1, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Souza
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

Anyways it’s been a good week, we had the tri-mission conference with President Nelson and he wanted to shake all of our hands! And it was really good!

From President Drake:

“President Nelson said we were the three best missions in the church. Let’s prove him right by reaching across uncharted seas and finding all those that are prepared. Let’s have the faith to know our areas will yield the fruits of repentance and baptism and not be bare. I am excited to recalculate and dedicate myself to the Lord. I make
you a commitment and a promise that I will focus on doing our Saviors will and promise you that if you will continue to study Preach My Gospel and apply its principles you will have the success of a missionary as described in PMG. Sister Drake and I love you.”
Elder Brian Hobbs


That was a big mess of exchanges! Sister Robles in the middle, her companion was with the other sisters companion. Steer Robles usually is not in a trio. The outside sisters are not in our district but they are in our zone. Elder Heaps companion is Elder Andrew, and Elder Galbraith companion is Elder Schenk.

We were trying to fix bikes! Elder Heaps, and Elder Souza’s bike tread was shredding, Elder Galbraith’s crank shaft broke on his bike and Sister Robles bikes were causing problems so we drove the Elders around, and then we (I) went to fix Sister Robles brakes and all the Elders are in their apartment and the sisters are outside! Ha,ha!



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