Power of a Personal Testimony – February 8, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Souza
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

This week wasn’t all that exciting, our teaching pool has become almost no existent. We have been biking everywhere trying to talk to people but everyone says that they’ve got Christ. We bike over 16 miles, 2 days in a row and almost every other day we biked about 10 miles. Needless to say we have had some long days this week. There was one lady we started taking to and she didn’t think you had to be baptized, or she didn’t think you had to have good works to make it to heaven, you just needed to believe. And that’s how a lot of people are, but she didn’t believe a word we say so we invited her to pray, and she paused for a min, and then looked up at me, and said “Oh I’m so sorry, I asked God and he said it’s not true. I’m so sorry for you.” We told her that you have to pray with real intent and she didn’t believe that, and she told us that the Book of Mormon wasn’t evidence and on several occasions told us the things were saying we’re text book answers or statements and that we really didn’t know anything for ourselves and that our leaders are just feeding us information and we believe. We needless to say for the 2nd time on my mission, I’m glad I have a testimony of this gospel. Don’t get me wrong I have needed it almost every second of every day, but I have had two memorable experiences now where somebody challenges my testimony.

Our mission finally moved to FNM (Fear No Man) level 2 where instead of just contacting at least 10 people a day we are going to invite 2 people a day to be baptized. And set a date with each one of them. We haven’t been able to really talk to anyone long enough to invite them but another area in our district has 10 people on date to baptism!

This week will be better. I’ve told myself it will be, so it’s going to be, so it will. 🙂

Elder Brian Hobbs

On the bright side I did get to pick up a cornet last Monday, and play a little. Not much, just a scale or two (what we call go big blue) and an attempt at the first stanza of The Spirit of God. The member wanted me to see if it worked well because they were having problems with it. So I put the valve in right and screwed the valve to
the spring and then it was OK, minus the problem they had a trumpet mouthpiece with a cornet and it didn’t fit right.


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