Mini Missionary Weekend – February 23, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Souza
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

So this last week was really good! Monday was just a normal Monday, P-Day and a little Proselyting. And Tuesday we had a zone conference and that was great! We learned that planning is a Godly principal (hence the PLAN of Salvation, the PLAN of Happiness, etc.) we also learned a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement, in ways to teach it better. After our zone conference, we were out biking and we talked to a guy and invited him to be baptized, but he pretty much ignored the question. Then we were biking past a recent convert’s house (let’s call him Andrew), who still needs to have the lessons retaught to him and we decided to stop by and see if he was home. (He is only 18 and he is a senior in High school) He was home and as we were teaching the lessons, one of his triplet brothers (how about Samuel) walks in and tells his brother something. As he was walking out we invited him to join us and he said sure. And he was way more attentive then Andrew and we were teaching the Plan of Salvation and we repetitively stressed the need to be baptized in this life to make it to the celestial kingdom. And then in the midst of all that we invited him to baptism and he accepted! Not with a date but still! He had been taught before but dropped the missionaries after the first lesson because he thought we were a cult. Andrew was introduced to the church by a friend that ALWAYS kept a Book of Mormon on the passenger seat of his car so that when a friend would get into the car they had to pick it up and move it, and usually they asked what it was. But eventually he (Andrew) asked if he could read it and the rest is history. But we were talking to Samuel the next day we asked when we could meet up again and he told us. And so we asked him if he wanted to meet at his house or our church and he said “How about your church, and while we are at it do you think you could give me a tour?” We were excited to hear that! We gave him the tour and taught him along the way and we passed a picture of the first vision and he asked what it is. So we taught him about the first vision standing in front of a picture of it in the church. The Spirit was amazing! And we tried to set a date with him but he wouldn’t, he doesn’t think he will be ready “he knows he won’t” so we will continue to teach him and hopefully baptize him so he can experience the full joy that comes from this gospel!

We also did some service this week for a former investigator her name is Mary (name changed) and we helped her put in a barrier to go between rocks and her dirt, soon to be grass. Sound familiar mom? 🙂 We also helped with a family history class that a member offers to the public, and ever since day 2 in this area when the ward mission leaders wife found out I was a family history consultant and I love doing it, I have gotten myself into trouble! It seems that follows me around! But it has been fun helping others find their families!

We had a mini missionary this weekend his name was Isaac Rascon (Rass-Cone) and he happens to me the son of the 2nd counselor in the mission presidency. And it was really cool to have him. He didn’t have a bike because he was told we were a car area and he didn’t need one. But just because we have a car doesn’t mean we don’t bike a lot! But oh well things worked out! And it was great having him. He was able to be part of our church tour with Samuel and got to meet Andrew and help us with even more service! We sorted rubber duckies and made bags of 70 and we rolled a little over 4000 tokens (thank goodness for a coin counter)! And we helped sort food storage, then we played a card game during lunch (Cover Your Assets) which was so much fun. But we did this with other Elders in 1st Ward (Elder Heaps, Elder Andrew, and their mini missionary) but the lady we helped does rewards systems for the local schools and dental offices and such, with a lot of things in the little plastic bubbles and bouncy balls and such. But this is the 2nd time we helped her. We have helped her organize and sort and label and count and she feeds us and plays Cover Your Assets with us and her nephew is not a member.

This week I also found out that there is a family that knows Debbie and Dennis MacDonald from the 2nd Ward (in Wellington) very well. They found out where I lived and they told me it sounded very familiar and so they asked me if I knew them because they were pretty sure that’s where they lived and they happened to sound very familiar so I pulled out LDS tools and looked through our Stake’s records and found them. And sure enough, Gary and Michelle White is who knows them and it’s funny (to me) that they are both in 2nd Ward. Kingwood 2nd and Wellington 2nd!

Anyways it’s been a good week!


Elder Brian Hobbs


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