Anything is possible through Christ. -February 29, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd


So today is transfers and I’m staying and Elder Souza is leaving. So I’m still in Kingwood. Elder Souza has an amazing testimony and is a great missionary and I’m going to miss him. But the Lord calls us where he needs when he needs.

This week was a good week. We got to go to the temple which was my first time even seeing the Houston temple other than pictures. It was really cool. The members who took us (The Dobson’s) also took us to lunch at Cracker Barrel with the Swank’s (senior couple) and then later that night fed us dinner. Great day! The next day for whatever reason Elder Souza got sick. He ended up throwing up quite a bit in a 10 min span. After that he did not have a problem, but he didn’t feel the best so we called sister Drake and were told something was going around and we would probably need to lay low for 24 hours. So that made for a fun day! I may or may not of gotten a hold of the apartment and deep cleaned the kitchen and reorganized it. When I got here most the food that we used on a regular basis was just put on the counter and the pantry was full of all the food we didn’t use. So I went through it and now we have a clean kitchen, laundry room, closet and front room. Never made it to the bathroom, but it wasn’t that bad because I hit it a few weeks ago, same with the bedroom. Clean apartments are happy apartments! The next day he was feeling better but still a bit sick feeling, but we got out and he felt a lot better. We were able to help with family history class again. There is one more week of it and hopefully we get to help again.
This week we also got 2 new investigators from the bible study we go to. A few transfers ago the missionaries knocked on a door and they told them they were busy having a bible study and being missionaries they jumped all over it. And it is 2 hours every Wednesday night. Dinner then studying the bible with Kim and Karl who are Catholic and live in the house we meet at. Mike who is Catholic and Annie his fiancée who is converting from Jehovah Witness to marry him. And Dave and Zach (father and son) Dave is Methodist and his son Zach is still looking for something, he has had a rough past. But Zach got a bit emotional one bible study and we told him we have a message that could really bless his life and we would love to share it and he told us the sooner the better! So we set up a time and we taught him, and his dad joined us too and we are teaching them both. Which is really cool. So for the month of March our Ward is having a month long fast for missionary work, more specifically, for us to have a Baptism in the Ward in the month of March. Every hour of March will have a family fasting, from 6pm to 6pm and as missionaries they assigned us to call the family the day before and remind them. So we will have a baptism this month. Faith is an action word, it leads us to do something, if we have passive faith nothing will happen. If we have true faith and trust God, and then do everything in our power to help it happen then he will provide. Sometimes we can honestly not do much, other times we can do a lot. The key to fasting is prayer. Without prayer you are just starving yourself. They key with this fast is not just prayer and hope. It’s for every member to have true faith that we as a Ward will Baptize a family this month and to do everything in their power to help that happen. Miracles happen today, they are not just a thing of the past. Anything is possible thru Christ. 3 Nephi 18:20 and D&C 50:29-30

Elder Brian Hobbs


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