Flood Cleanup – April 4, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

So this week was a pretty good week, we got 5 new investigators this week. We will see how it goes with them. We did get one lady who actually came to the last session of general conference and she loved Elder Holland’s talk. She kept saying Amen threw the whole thing, it was great.

But Saturday we went and helped flood victims in Deweyville Texas. It’s on the Texas Louisiana border. The water was about 5-6 feet high over most of the city. Deweyville was the place I was at but many other places flooded too. These houses were under water. There was a reservoir up the river that was over flowing through the spill way and it had started to wash away the back side of the dam so they opened up the gates and let it all go. From the looks of it they gave everyone ample warning, because not a single car that was a nice car was caught, everyone was able to get out. But we went to the church at 6 am and were in Deweyville at 9 am. We worked until 4 pm and drove back to make it to the priesthood session. We were in groups of 10 and usually you only worked with your group. But we cleaned up the debris at one house and it took about an hour. Then we spent the rest of the time at another house finishing striping all the sheet rock and nails out of this house and by the time we were done it looked like the house had only been framed. But that was so much fun. If you want to know what it looked like just look back to last year at home, but this time it was a lot more extensive and a lot more people were affected by it! And they all lost almost everything. But overall it was a good week!

Below is parts of a letter we received for the cleanup…

Elder Brian Hobbs


We have received a request from Elder Dan Jones of the Seventy requesting our help in providing 50 volunteers from our stake to help with the clean up after the flooding along the Sabine River in Texas
and Louisiana…

… It is recognized that Saturday is the first day of General Conference weekend, but there is an immediate need to render help and aid to the overwhelmed victims of the flooding along the Sabine. Brethren, we cannot neglect this call for help to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Members of the Beaumont and Orange Texas Stakes have been aiding in the flood clean-up but are in desperate need of additional help. The clean-up projects will start at 9am in both Deweyville and Starks, and
will continue until about 4pm. This schedule, while conflicting with the Saturday morning and afternoon General Conference sessions, will allow most brethren to attend their locally broadcast Priesthood meeting in the evening. Daytime sessions could be recorded for later viewing.

The clean-up work will be strenuous, wet and dirty. As such, each ward should send physically qualified men and accompanied mature teenagers (ages 17-19) to the two specified location for assignment on work crews. Work assignments… given to individual work crews prior to departure for Deweyville and Starks on Saturday morning.

Members of the work crews should bring appropriate tools such as chain saws, shovels, crow bars, wrecking bars, sledge hammers, claw hammers, etc. If you don’t have any tools, bring your willingness to work- that
will prove to be the most effective tool of all.  Each crew member should dress in work clothes such as jeans, tennis shoes, boots and lightweight long sleeve shirts. Mosquito repellent is highly recommended. Additionally if crew members have not had a tetanus shot within the last 10 years, it would be a good idea to get one.

Each crew member should bring a sack lunch and an ample supply of water

President Nielson has to ‘return and report’ as to how many volunteers will be provided from the Kingwood Stake…

This is a wonderful way to provide service to those in need. Our stake responded well to the call for volunteers after hurricanes Rita and Ike. Let’s put forth that same spirit in answering this call, knowing that our efforts will have testified of the Savior’s admonition to love and serve one another.


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