April 18, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd 

So this week was a better week, we have been teaching Maria about every other day since March 29th and she has since gain a testimony of The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints being the true church and Thomas S. Monson being a prophet and has a Baptism date for April 30th! We did find out though we will have to move the date. She has a class reunion that day, and she thought we were going to be mad about it but it doesn’t matter we can just do it May 1st :). She has been reading every chapter we give her to read, but she still is having a hard time understanding that she still can’t keep attending both churches. She has attended the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference, a different ward than ours the following Sunday (because of conflict with her church), and this last Saturday went to a Baptism with us in the San Jacinto Branch (the Spanish Branch) (good thing she knows Spanish because it was all in Spanish), and the Adult session of Stake Conference.

This week we also did get to help with family history again, which was nice.

This weekend I also got to sing a song in Spanish with the Hermanas (Robles & Archuleta) at their Baptism. It was Divina Luz (Lead Kindly Light) we sang the 1st and the 3rd verse in Spanish and the 2nd was English. I was told (asked) Thursday night to sing, we practiced a bit on Friday and the Baptism was Saturday morning. It was really fun to sing, I haven’t had a chance to sing since I have been on my mission.

Transfers are today, I am staying in Kingwood 2nd Ward and so is Elder Heath. Our whole district minus Elder Schenk are all staying, which is sweet! They are all great missionaries!

So it was transfers this weekend and I’m staying in Kingwood. But the the actual transferring for other missionaries to move to their new areas has been postponed until Saturday because of the weather! We had an imminent threat extreme weather alerts all night including a alert for a tornado telling us to take shelter at 12:08am. We were wide awake from 4:30 to 6am because of the storm, it was a long night! Lots of roads are flooded and part of the city too we had to turn around so many times to get around flooded roads it has been ridiculous! The internet isn’t even working all that well, so I’m not emailing much! So this week I’m just taking a few mins to let you know about transfers and the weather. I am still alive. And all is good. So I’ll be sure to email more next week if I can!

This week went by pretty fast and it was really good!

Elder Brian Hobbs



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