It Poured Swimming Pools!- May 16, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

Well this week was interesting as normal. Thursday was a struggle with weekly planning. So Thursday led to Friday which was the turning point of this week, and the transfer I hope. After Thursday, I was just praying for help for everything. Well Friday came along and we had a good district meeting, and then right before it ended the Zone Leaders show up (they were attending a different district meeting that day). After district meeting ended the Zone Leaders came up to us and said they needed to talk. They told us that they got a strong impression like they have never felt before to get up and leave in the middle of the other district meeting they were attending to come talk to us. They had no clue about anything going on the previous day, or weeks. At first we just kind of sat around with not much said, but I started pondering why the spirit would prompt them to come talk to us. Then I thought about what if they were there for me (and not just my companion). And told them that I had something to talk to them about, so they stuck around to talk to me. Little did I know at the time I really needed that. I just talked to them about things I’m struggling with from day to day and some of things that have been going on and just for help in general. They didn’t really have much more new advice for me than I already gained myself. But it helped me reaffirm what I need to do and gave me a little boost. And what what was the biggest blessing is I was able to receive a blessing. It was the first one I’ve had in 7 months. The last one I had was from Elder Sirrine. But for one reason or another I just have never felt comfortable asking for one from anyone. And Elder Hansen and Elder Knebel (The Zone Leaders) brought it up, and I had the chance to ask for one. It has already made a huge difference in my life in just a few short days. That was a huge blessing for me, and what really has made me think is the fact that the Zone Leaders said that they both got the same feeling, they both had never felt like that before, it was extremely specific. Not just a feeling to come to our district, but to come talk to us two. It made me wonder why?  And I came to realize that Christ knows what we need, exactly when we need it even if we don’t know it ourselves. I prayed, and he delivered and at the perfect moment. If they would of came after our district meeting was over, we would of been getting lunch and they would of missed us. But they came at the right time. Which also set an example for me, and how I need to follow the spirit too.

Saturday we were out biking and it poured swimming pools! We are talking water! I think that’s the wettest I’ve gotten in such a short period of time, short of jumping in a body of water. We have had worse storms since I’ve been out here but I’ve luckily haven’t been biking during them. I just have to get from a car to a door, but this time I was not so fortunate. We biked to the Dobson’s house which was near by and they let us in, gave us towels, made us a malt, and drove us home to get our car so we could rescue K1 Elders and get our bikes. The good old days of getting soaked! The rain is so much fun! The only problem is Elder Heath despises getting wet. I don’t think I can tell you how much he hates it. And I want to go bike in it for no reason! He doesn’t care if he is already soaking wet, he wants to get out. And if I’m soaking wet, well I’m already wet what do I’ve got to loose?!? My rain fly on my bag holds out the buckets of water, the only problem is it has seen better days. Anyways, have a great week!

Love Elder Hobbs




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