Elder & Sister Snow – May 23, 2016


  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

I learned some good things this week and was able to realize that I was being led by the spirit on several occasions. That’s always something cool to look back on. Zone conference was really good and we had a general authority, which was one of President Drakes good childhood friends. Elder Snow, and his wife. What made it even cooler was I know Elder Snows family! Can you guess who. A hint is he was in the Mormon message “The Hope of God’s Light” can you guess who yet? His son was my 9th grade English teacher, and two of his granddaughters, I went to school with and was in band, choir, and in musicals with. If you don’t know yet shame on you! 😉 Eric Snow is his son. So it was really cool being able to make those connections and bring a whole new perspective of a general authority to the table. When I told him where I was from he told me h s son was there and I asked for his name and when I heard the name I new exactly who. I told him I went to school with Vanessa and Katie (hopefully I spelled their names right) and he said it is nice to be known as Vanessa and Katie’s grandpa, and not the formality of his calling that he gets all the time. And that led to a bit longer than 10 min conversation between us and the Snows. So that was a unique experience.


image1 (2)

Sister and Elder Snow and Elder Hobbs

The Hope of God’s Light…




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