The Rain Keeps Coming -June 6, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd
This week is a lot of the same, but her is a part of my letter to President Drake….
This week has been kind of tough with all the rain. It’s put me in a conundrum. I would rather be out getting wet in the rain, trying to work, so at least I feel like I am working. I love being in the rain (most days). But the dilemma is that Elder Heath despises the rain and if it’s raining he won’t go out (which is ok). Another huge factor is our ward mission leader told us it’s best not to go outside when it’s raining because people won’t want us all wet in their houses and there is no point getting wet. Completely understandable but it has been raining a lot and if we are in all the time there isn’t a lot of work happening, which is frustrating. But I’m trying my best just to say motivated. A big mental/physical help is that we have been up every morning at 6:20 to actually exercise for 30 mins. It has been a huge blessing, for both of us actually to be up. Even thou during the days, are still rough, I’ve been able to just feel better over all because we are up and exercising.
Elder Hobbs

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