Becoming like a precious gem – June 20, 2016

Part of a letter home to Dad:

The way I see it is; stones, like diamond, rubies, gems , etc. have to undergo a lot of pressure to become what they are, and that is just like us. God allows us to undergo pressure to shape us into something new. But he never lets us have more than we can handle. I told that to President Drake in an email and he said, “Great analogy and be patient. The pressure sometimes last longer than at other times. But understand you are doing well and the key word in that phrase is “doing”. Keep working and it will all come together.”

I agree, it’s just what to do in the mean time. Also there have been other things that have turned my mental state upside down too. (Mental because of just things changing, not physical.) Things in the district like missionaries randomly going home with just part of a day notice. No one knew, including the office, until the morning of, and by the after noon they were gone. (Depression) Other little things that I thought were “stable” and that I was leaning on them and had found relief in. Then they just changed, or disappeared. Honestly it’s just part of being on a mission. Sometimes I don’t feel very well, but during all of this stress and pressure, part of me is just thinking what is the problem and realizes there is nothing I can do about any of it, and that I just need to relax.
My motto I guess you can say (which I stole, and I’m paraphrasing extremely ) but I need to pray like it all depends on Him, and work like it all depends on Me. Well I got the praying part down, I could just use a push in the working part. Thanks for listening, like you had much of a choice, but thank you for everything you did to raise me and help me become who I am now! You have given me the ability to help others in ways not a lot of others can, especially with my handy skill set, but most importantly with a knowledge of the gospel, and my Savior, and for the way you lived your life as an example to me. Thank you Dad, I love you!
 Elder Hobbs
P.S. Can you read this?
.. / …., .-, …-, . / .-.., ., .-, .-., -., ., -.. / –, —, .-., …, . / -.-., —, -.., . / 🙂
First you got to take a guess of what it is (you got it, I know you do)!

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