A Greater Love for our Savior – June 20, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

On a little bit of a side note, I made up my mind toward the beginning of my mission that I wouldn’t come home for any reason unless a certain criteria was met, not even for a death, no mater who it is. The only other way I would go home is if President Drake strongly encourages (pushes) me to go home temporarily. But none of this ending early stuff, no way, no how. I was called and blessed that i would serve for 24 months, the scary part is I’m 2 days shy of 11 months…. Almost a year! Say what!?! I need to start back over, i haven’t done I’ll that i wanted to do yet!!

This week has been a blast though!!!! Let me tell you ALL about it! ………… Ugg…… Elder Heath has been sick. *deep breath* … Love at Home……*deep breath*……. Love at Home…… I just might be going insane. I have found a lot of time to just think though and recover from my mental overload last week. I just thought about life, and what’s going on, and put it all back into perspective, and realized I could be doing a whole lot better! Yet a whole lot worse! So over all I’m…. Ok. I could be better. I just want to go share the gospel and go bring souls to Christ.

It sounds like it’s going to be a bad hurricane season with all the heat and rain we have been getting so early. It’s been in the 90’s almost every day and it hits above 100 with humidity! Not fun! But hey, it’s part of the fun of being a missionary!!

So I heard/read a quote this week from somewhere, but it pretty much said we need to learn enough about the Saviors life to love him. I wanted to gain a greater love for our Savior. So I prayed before studies and before I went to bed for help to learn more about the
Savior. I started reading the Book of Mormon like always and I was reading in Mormon 9 and the whole chapter hit me like never before, it’s a very powerful chapter! Moroni is writing it just after he witnessed the death and destruction of the entire Nephite nation. His friends, his family, every one he knew. And some how that all lead me to the New Testament and in Mathew 26, when Christ suffered in the garden and for the first time, understood what the whole kiss from Judas was about, and the fact it was a sign to the guards telling them it was Christ. But more importantly I started looking into all the
things Christ went through from the garden to the cross. Christ after bleeding from every pore, the amount of blood he lost would of been insane and made him really weak. Then he was taken and tried. He was beat and spit upon and really just went through crap. And here is Christ letting them do it, he had the power to stop it at any time and to decided not to go through with it. I read a quote from an apostle during this and he said that all Christ would just have to do is blink and our entire solar system could have been annihilated. But he didn’t. If he would of had one single negative thought the Atonement would of been invalid, but he had pure love, enough to go through it all for us. I learned a lot more, but needless to say my prayers were answered. I was able to learn more about Christ, and gain a greater love for him.


The Love of God: President Dieter F. Uchtdorf



Becoming like a precious gem – June 20, 2016

Part of a letter home to Dad:

The way I see it is; stones, like diamond, rubies, gems , etc. have to undergo a lot of pressure to become what they are, and that is just like us. God allows us to undergo pressure to shape us into something new. But he never lets us have more than we can handle. I told that to President Drake in an email and he said, “Great analogy and be patient. The pressure sometimes last longer than at other times. But understand you are doing well and the key word in that phrase is “doing”. Keep working and it will all come together.”

I agree, it’s just what to do in the mean time. Also there have been other things that have turned my mental state upside down too. (Mental because of just things changing, not physical.) Things in the district like missionaries randomly going home with just part of a day notice. No one knew, including the office, until the morning of, and by the after noon they were gone. (Depression) Other little things that I thought were “stable” and that I was leaning on them and had found relief in. Then they just changed, or disappeared. Honestly it’s just part of being on a mission. Sometimes I don’t feel very well, but during all of this stress and pressure, part of me is just thinking what is the problem and realizes there is nothing I can do about any of it, and that I just need to relax.
My motto I guess you can say (which I stole, and I’m paraphrasing extremely ) but I need to pray like it all depends on Him, and work like it all depends on Me. Well I got the praying part down, I could just use a push in the working part. Thanks for listening, like you had much of a choice, but thank you for everything you did to raise me and help me become who I am now! You have given me the ability to help others in ways not a lot of others can, especially with my handy skill set, but most importantly with a knowledge of the gospel, and my Savior, and for the way you lived your life as an example to me. Thank you Dad, I love you!
 Elder Hobbs
P.S. Can you read this?
.. / …., .-, …-, . / .-.., ., .-, .-., -., ., -.. / –, —, .-., …, . / -.-., —, -.., . / 🙂
First you got to take a guess of what it is (you got it, I know you do)!

Long, but Short (again) -June 13, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd

Well, it’s been a week. It’s been long but short, it’s weird how that all works. On Wednesday we had exchanges, Elder Bigler was here in Kingwood 2nd with me and it was a great day. We got 2 member present and 3 LARCs in the one day. It was a really good day, I wish we could go at every day like that. The lessons we taught that day were the only lessons we taught all week. That’s all.

Elder Brian Hobbs

P.S. I love you. Have a good week.

The Rain Keeps Coming -June 6, 2016

  • Companion: Elder Heath
  • Area: Kingwood 2nd
This week is a lot of the same, but her is a part of my letter to President Drake….
This week has been kind of tough with all the rain. It’s put me in a conundrum. I would rather be out getting wet in the rain, trying to work, so at least I feel like I am working. I love being in the rain (most days). But the dilemma is that Elder Heath despises the rain and if it’s raining he won’t go out (which is ok). Another huge factor is our ward mission leader told us it’s best not to go outside when it’s raining because people won’t want us all wet in their houses and there is no point getting wet. Completely understandable but it has been raining a lot and if we are in all the time there isn’t a lot of work happening, which is frustrating. But I’m trying my best just to say motivated. A big mental/physical help is that we have been up every morning at 6:20 to actually exercise for 30 mins. It has been a huge blessing, for both of us actually to be up. Even thou during the days, are still rough, I’ve been able to just feel better over all because we are up and exercising.
Elder Hobbs